J H Morpeth: [Knee replacement]

"Six years ago, I could hardly walk 100 yards and my general health was at an all time low. Following knee replacement by Mr Partington, my quality of life has improved beyond all expectations.
I shall always be grateful to Mr Partington for the care and attention I received at Wansbeck General Hospital six years ago."

K L Hexham:

"Thanks to your great skill and patience I have again been to the top of a hill in the Lake District! I climbed Binsay (1400ft), no ill effects!"

G I Morpeth:

"Many thanks for your skill, care and attention during my recent hip replacement surgery. It is very much appreciated."

J J Riding Mill:

"Thank you for doing the hip replacement for me. Thank you for making me free from pain and giving me back my mobility. Three times you have given me joint replacement operations and I think you are a very clever man, absolutely marvellous and I would recommend you to anyone needing replacement joints. So again I say thank you, thank you."

D McM Warkworth:

In September you and your team carried out a THR for me and I didn't want to disappear without thanking you for making such a difference to my life. Prior to the operation I was in constant pain and had poor mobility to the point that it was really adversely affecting my life and work.

Since the operation I am totally pain free and can walk normally. I can also say while in hospital I was very well cared for by all of the team. The system, from initial consultation and meeting the Occupational staff, right through the operation and aftercare was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending both the operation and yourselves to anyone who was in doubt.

Once again many thanks for what feels like a miracle!

S G Maryport:

Letter to Trust CEO.

Dear Sir

I had the privilege of being an inpatient on Ward 3 Hexham General under the care of Consultant Mr P Partington for a total knee replacement. I am writing to you to express my great admiration and heartfelt thanks to a very talented surgeon who's care and attention to every detail has changed my life. I am 56 years old and for the first time in years I am pain free in my right knee. I found at all times Mr Partington to be a very caring and highly professional consultant who treats his patients as individuals, showing them total respect and dignity at all times more so treating me as a human being with feelings, nothing appears to be too much trouble, taking time to explain the operation, possible risks / side effects and the aftercare, nothing was left unexplained all done with a smile. Even though the consultant had a busy schedule you feel immediately that you are going to be safe in his hands. Mr Partington was well aware how nervous I was prior to going into surgery; As soon as I entered theatre I received reassurance and all my fears and worries seemed to float out of the door, the positive morale that was present among surgeon, theatre staff at all levels was exemplary and helped to ease my fears and boost my morale. I returned to the ward a totally different relaxed and confident person. Thanks to this my rehabilitation has been fast. Mr Partington visited the ward late evening and again at the very start of the day, he was bright and cheerful I cannot emphasise enough how this standard of care boosts a patient's morale, following surgery on the Wednesday afternoon I was back home in Cumbria on the Friday tea time.

You should indeed be very proud to have such a dedicated consultant as a member of your team, his positivity has lead and influenced my full recovery and I would highly recommend both him and the hospital to anyone requiring orthopaedic surgery. I received the very highest standards of care from a consultant who takes the most pride and care in his work. I think every GP at my Dr's practice has viewed my wound and were simply amazed at how neat and how fast it had healed, it as I said before has been a total privilege to be under his care at a fist class hospital.

I must add that at all times when I have needed to speak to Mr Partington's Secretary at the hospital I have always been received with a cheery, helpful, kind and courteous manner, again nothing is too much trouble.

Sir, what a remarkable team, the total epitome of the word professional.

I remain yours most sincerely a very happy patient.

"I know you have thousands of patients, just letting you know that me and my Exeter hip were climbing in the Himalayas last month, 2 yrs post op- not even a tweak!

Many thanks!"

R M Morpeth

H C Northumberland:

"Just to say again how grateful I am to you for two such successful hip
operations carried out at Hexham General Hospital."

S-J S North Shields:

"Almost a year ago you operated on my hip to relieve an impingment problem which was causing me a lot of pain & restricting most physical activity.
I can now climb mountains & cycle off to the horizon again. Thank you so much for helping me do this."

R D, Bellingham:

"Mr Partington - Just to say thank you for doing a superb job on my hip. It's amazing not to have that dreadful pain anymore.
You are the best and I was lucky to have you do my operation"

MP Ponteland

Dear Mr Partington

You did a left hip replacement for me in April at Wansbeck Hospital. This is just a note to thank you and your team there for a SUPERB job!! Here's a picture of me on my 65th birthday, on a hotel-hotel trek in eastern Spain, five months later. Wonderful! Both my husband and I have now got our life back in full. Many thanks again and again.

M E Carlisle, Cumbria. (Revision hip replacement)

Dear Mr Partington,

I realise it's early days since having my operation but felt I had to let you know what I've already discovered. After nearly thirty years of being unable to sit upright at a table without bending my right leg backwards at a peculiar angle and perching on the edge of the chair, I can now effortlessly sit upright, comfortably and normally, to eat. To say I am so very pleased is an under-statement. I just thought you should know that things are going very well. Onwards and upwards! Thank you - two small words but they mean everything.

Dear Mr Partington

You gave me a new hip replacement in March of last year and I think the photo (my 70th Birthday) shows how successful the operation has been.Within 6 weeks of the op I was back in the gym and have gone from strength to strength. My fitness is better now than any time in the last 5 years.

I would like to thank you so much for transforming my life.